11 February 2001

a walk

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As with just about every other day, I went to work this morning. But the absolutely perfect sunshine, not seen for at least a week, was strong than my will and I closed up my powerbook for just a little bit. Since it was Sunday, I felt justified in taking a break and heading out for a walk. The fresh air and sunshine were therapeutic. I headed east across campus. I spent a lot of time with my head pointed up, looking at the tops of buildings and the skeleton trees. It was still bitterly cold, but a few others were out in the air. A group of rollerbladers were out making stunt videos nearly the Grad Library, but most people were just hurrying along to their destination. Eventually I ended up at the cemetery at Observatory and Geddes. I've walked past this cemetery many times, but this was the first time I had explored it.

It is a very scenic cemetery. It's all hills and many different beautiful monuments. One was actually a little scary. Down in the back corner of the cemetery large shiny and unmarked slabs stood high. Looking into the slabs you could actually see your reflection. Most interesting. I wonder who will be buries here someday.