10 February 2001

desk mods!

img_0838.jpg img_0839.jpg img_0840.jpg img_0841.jpg

Earlier in the week I took out the ceiling fluorescent tube above me because it was shining directly into my nocturnal eyes. This then made it just a little too dark to read at my desk, so I needed a lamp of some kind. I remembered the light rope I bought a while back and did nothing with, it seemed like the perfect way to make a nice diffuse reading lamp. A plan brewed in my head.

While out shopping with Gretchen today I found 2 blue light ropes for cheap and snapped them up. Next, I needed a controller. We searched stores "The Clapper" but it was not to be had. Instead I found the Lamp Commander, a voice-activated clapper-like box. You wake the unit by saying "Lamp Commander". Next issue your command, either "Lights On", "Lights Off", or "Lights Dim". The best part of this all are all the other words that it will trigger the switch. Maybe I'll post a list later.

So I put it all together. The 12' white rope on the bottom of my side shelf for the lamp. One 9' blue rope underneath the desk for "ground effects" and one blue rope on the side of my file cabinet casting a blue glue on the side wall. I ran the cords along the back of my desk, and zip-tied them nicely and out of the way. All of the lights are tied to one extension cord and that is connected to the Lamp Commander. It's gorgeous.