09 February 2001

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Friday afternoon was a day of much distraction. I spent most of it testing and fixing code. I even hid myself in farnam's office for a while just to get away from the juggling and yacking. But eventually, I gave in. I bought this light rope back after xmas when it was insanely discounted. I brought it into work with a devious plan in mind, but no time for projects now. Instead I jumped-rope with it... Fun!

Later I got a call from Gretchen. She needed a drink and that didn't sound like too bad of an idea to me. We were both a little blah after the day, but we started at the Old Town with dinner, drinks, and much talking. That energized us both. From the Old Town we bounced back home so Gretchen change into something more club-appropriate (I had already done so) and zipped off to Ashley's for drinks with monkeys.

Monkeys had encrusted the downstairs bar. Gretchen and I were just there for a couple drinks, we had other plans. But while we were there Gretchen managed to take $10 out of Matt's wallet. Matt bet her that she wouldn't go hit on a guy at the end of the bar. She went straight over but instead let the guy know that Matt thought he was really cute and wanted to know what he thought of Matt. Classic!

Gin and Vodka downed, we moved on to the Nectarine for some dancing. It was a good night.