05 February 2001

anthrocarts and arbor networks goes live

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Today was an extremely busy day. Over the course of the last week we've been busy trying to put our office together, and as of yesterday we finally had things under control. Then today, at 10:40, a truck pulled up at our building to deliver our new desks. The actual shipment was foo-barred, we only received 39 of the 42 boxes we were expecting, but we received all the important bits. Matt and I were most excited about the anthrocarts and starting assembling them as soon as we were done carrying the boxes upstairs. Later, dirt and then aidan joined in the fun. Dirt was by far the most handy and finished his desk well before the other three of us. Eventually, 2 hours later, we had four desks finished and rolling (castors! yay!), but we still had 6 left to assemble, and a huge party in the office only 4 hours away.

We took a clue from the motor city and set up an assembly line. Dirt laid out the 6 desks and their bits and we each worked down the row performing one task on a desk before moving on to the next. We also did some optimization to make sure that the two electric drills were in constant use. After we conquered the desks dirt and I tested out the claims of sturdiness made by anthro. They held us quite firmly, very impressive.

After arranging the desks and moving personal stuff out from the soon-to-be conference room to the nice new rolly desk, we had to prepare for the party. Matt's station wagon performed hauling duties, picking up beverages and the catering. Jenn decorated basically made sure everything was running smoothly and before I knew what was going on a boat-load of people showed up in the new Arbor Networks offices.

The little ones at the gathering liked the eye-patches as much as we did and it wasn't long before we had them all yelling "YAR!" as they ran to and fro.

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Since this was our big media/pr release party, we were supposed to have a party going on in the Waltham, MA, office as well. Unfortunately winter had different plans and the MA office abandoned ship and got home before the foot of snow came down blizzard-style. The wonders of telcom technology were harnessed and many of the Bostoners joined us via a conference call and intercom. Farnam said a few words, as did the Dean from engineering, then Ted and Karl from Boston. It was strange to have 60 people huddled around a phone.

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After the party died down and adult supervision had left the building, there was rolling monkey mischief to be had.

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