03 February 2001

I slept in late today, and I really needed it, I've been running on 4 hours of sleep a night for the last couple of days. Thankfully I slept straight through any hang-over I might have had from last night's WDA Groundhog Day party. It was the usual, people, beer, dancing, canadians tossing potatoes (with my encouragement, of course), etc.

First order of business, new tires for the purple chariot. I went back and forth with the sales guy before deciding on a nice pair of high-traction tires.

So I left my car at the tire shop and had two hours to burn. Across the great expanse of asphalt and cars in the arborland mall I spotted ToysRUs. All of the newly open and navigable space in the office begs for a RC toy of some sort. I was first tempted by a 1:16 scale VW Beetle, but it required a rechargeable battery pack that they didn't have in the store. No instant gratification there! Finally settled on this little thing. 10min charge time, 10min run time. Sounds like enough fun for me.

How cool is this? Ride in a super high-tech ride with spiderman. Too bad there was no way I was going to fit in it. img_0677.jpg

So now I'm stranded in the coffee shop in borders. I first burned 30 minutes waiting in line for a cup of coffee, and have now been catching up on my photos. It's a strange group of people that populate a bookstore cafe. Families, students, bible groups (why do the people with the most annoying things to say also have the most cutting and annoying voices too?), book clubs, and some marketeers taking surveys. Luckily my time is almost up and my crappy coffee is cold, so I'm going to get out of here and go wait in the tire store.