02 February 2001

Today the furniture people were supposed to come today, complete the layout dirt had designed for our office, and haul away all the excess furniture that was here from the previous tenants. Guess what, they didn't feel like moving the furniture. So, during the evening we stopped all productive work and spent nearly 3 hours moving load after load of herman miller modular desk bits and pieces from the third floor down to the basement. Urgh. Nothing like team building, or something. It was good work out, if anything else.
img_0664.jpg img_0665.jpg img_0666.jpg img_0667.jpg
img_0668.jpg img_0669.jpg img_0670.jpg img_0672.jpg
img_0673.jpg img_0674.jpg

Afterwards several of us settled down in the corner office. We grunted and moaned like tired old men, sipped our beers, and watched people as they scurried along state and liberty.