30 January 2001

img_0652.jpg img_0654.jpg
The office has become exceedingly smelly, noisy, and dusty; so many hax0rs, including me, invade starbucks. I'm starting to wonder if we should start paying rent down there. It'd be much more convenient if we could take over the *$ stereo and install a phone line down there. You can see my powerbook sitting, waiting for me in the mostly empty squishy chair.

Here you can see the carpet dudes wrestling a large roll of carpet into the elevator.

I was having extreme difficulty concentrating on work this afternoon. I had been working on html interface files on my powerbook and was ready to transfer them over to my unix development machine, but due to the fucked up networking of the last couple of days I could not successfully finish a secure copy of the files. It took me over an hour to tweak Open Transport so I could get the files across. After all this I had no patience for work, so I followed dirt out to home despot for some supplies. In the parking lot I saw this explorer, an honest to goodness off road vehicle. In ann arbor!