29 January 2001
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I woke to a strange sound this morning: Rain. Not so bad. But as I left my house to go to work i noticed that Matt's car was covered in frozen rain. It was pretty, and would have been annoying if he needed to drive somewhere. I really didn't think about it much more and I stepped out from our snowy gravel driveway to the "clear" concrete sidewalk. I honestly don't remember if it was step one or step two, but nearly immediately I had a first class ticket on the gravity express. I landed straight on my right shoulder blade and then smacked the back of my skull on the sidewalk. Bah! I was in a little bit of pain, but went on with my errands on the way to work.

When I made it to work I found that I could not precisely nor quickly answer questions and I had no concentration what-so-ever. My co-workers worried, but since I seemed ok enough, just slow, they let me be. By lunch I was fine, but it was strange having my head scrambled. Now I'm just sore.

img_0642.jpg "15 minute" "daily" development meeting. dug rules with an iron fist. these mirrors are just whacky.
Stuff! Jenn went to Sam's Club and bought us essentials like toilet paper, caffeine, and junk food! img_0644.jpg img_0645.jpg img_0646.jpg
img_0647.jpg img_0650.jpg More progress during remodelling.
I've had a day. zimg_0648.jpg