26 January 2001

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ben, duke of b0rk3ed laptops, receives his thinkpad back from ibm. they fixed the booting problem, but didn't touch the display problem, as documented in these shots. my still camera could not capture the cool disc0 effect it had going as well.

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It's a big day in the office. M$ has been in the news a lot the last two days because they've been having huge DNS and network problems. Bad news for them is apparently good news for us. Our crack business team spent the whole day talking to the media and it has paid off, we have media references to our company all over the news! This is great. We be experts! Champagne in the Boston office and beer for the developers in Ann Arbor. Cheers galore over the conference call in the schweet corner office. Additionally, it's started snowing heavily again, the first time in over a month. Happy news for me at least!
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