25 January 2001
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The company that we've been sharing the third floor of our office is finally leaving. yah! tomorrow the movers show up and all their stuff disappears. Then begins the hell week of remodelling, but it shouldn't be too bad since we at least have control of the thermostat!
Jeff and Yawen have had enough of Michigan are moving out to the SF Bay Area. After 8,000 planning emails everybody agrees that we should meet at Adina's and just see what happens. What did happen is many of us who have not had time to hang out with each other found the time to do that, and a good time was had by all. We mostly ate and drank, which is rarely bad. Gretchen and Sam salsa danced for a little bit, but their swaying and stepping was not enough to motivate the rest of the troops. We did play a long and heated game of famous people in the hat. And i was suddenly amused by the grapefruit.
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