23 January 2001

i found a little mary icon that i bought for fun a while back. i was very surprised to find that mary has a magnet in her feet. i've dubbed her bat mary.

less than 24 hours after emailing the lemkesoft, maker of GraphicConverter, my auto-cataloguing software, i get an email back thanking me for my comments, and attached is an archive containing GraphicConverter 4.0.3 beta with the fix that I needed! The author is awesome. Use GraphicConverter, and pay your shareware fee, this guy is really working for it.

img_0590.jpg img_0591.jpg
it's laundry time, super late in the day after work. i was at mr. stadium from midnight until about 2. here you can see their donkey kong game was on the fritz. i was really depressed a couple months ago when Galaga bit the dust. Mr. Stadium, where old arcade games go to die.