20 January 2001
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10 a.m. Saturday and my cell phone gently buzzed next to my head. It was Gretchen and she was ready to take advantage of the bright blue sky and sunshine. I took about 30 minutes to roll out of bed and throw on some clothes before heading over to Gretchen's for a pre-adventure bagel. We drove out to peach mountain and struck out on a 2 hour hike through the woods. I have to say it was an excellent use of the unusual weather. It had been so dreary this last week that I felt justified soaking up some Vit. D and exercising in the crisp air.

After a shower and a bite to eat I went to work for a while. Thankfully it was actually pleasant in the office. Packing 12 people into our space has a significant effect on the climate of our closet/office.

I left work at 10:30 p.m., went home to change, and stopped at the party center to pick up some gin as a party gift for Sam. Sam, first picture, and his other 7 house mates threw a 'futuristic' party. I didn't notice the theme until I was leaving work and double checking the email invite, but no matter. Less than half the people actually did anything resembling a costume. I danced, talked to friends that I hadn't seen in a while, and acted like a lame old person mostly. I attempted to talk to one interesting woman there but unfortunately I absolutely could not understand her over the music so I just gave up. Lame, but it happens. The snowman ice sluice was a nice touch, though I didn't feel the need to partake of the "snow god."

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