18 January 2001

What's this? All the sudden I'm starting to see ground in the back yard. Where's my beautiful snow going? It's only January. I hate lower Michigan.

Jon was looking entirely J Crew while conferring with dirt over something important.

dirt figured out the phone system and hooked up the audio out from one of our servers to the pbx. Now the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian pulses through the phones and is our "please hold" music.

Inspired by Conan blaring from all the office phones ([Feature]86 , [Feature]#86 to stop) I hung our newly acquired Jolly Roger from the ceiling. Yar!

img_0499.jpg img_0500.jpg
Random office action. dirt and Robra in the first. Matt, Ben, Jon A., and Jon P. in the second.

The North American International Auto Show

The West-side Drinking Authority headed out for the auto show down in Detroit. I took way too many pictures. The auto show is a amazingly huge and extravagant affair that everyone who has the chance should experience at least once. I love cars and driving and this was my third auto show. I was most impressed by the Subaru Impreza WRX (227 hp stock for $25k), the VW MicroBus Concept, all of the Audis (mmmmmm A8) except for the allroad (stupid SUV follower) and the Mini Cooper. Bil was absolutely taken by the Maxima 20th Anniversary Edition, but saddened by the $31k price tag. He also liked the Mazda MP3, a souped up Protege with a Kenwood MP3 player. Laura worshipped at Porsche. BMW had a cool booth feature, you could sync your palm OS device via cradle or IR to get all sorts of information about the cars. I'm not sure if I really trust them, but it is a neat idea and I'm sure all sorts of people enjoyed downloading whatever it was that BMW was sticking shoving into their palms.

Afterward the WDA hit it's normal watering hole, the Sidetrack, and a few of us made it back to GVB Dave's for some bubble hockey.
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