17 January 2001

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Yet another god-damned hot day in the office. Our HR department, Michelle, in Boston sent a box of really nice cookies. We thought it was just because we were such nice guys, but later we found out we were testing them to see if we should send them out to new hires. I've got to say this is testing we didn't mind doing. Matt was very happy to eat that sugar cookie. Then later during a dev meeting his head fell back and he starting snoozing in the especially hot office, it was probably getting close to 90 in the office today.

On the walk home I saw a gaggle of clowns (seriously) and assorted other people were standing in front of the post office/federal building protesting the Academy of the Americas. I know what it's all about, but what ever. It's always funny to see the activists protesting in front of a closed post office. I'm sure they feel they're doing something useful. What ever floats their boat.