13 January 2001

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I had one of the best afternoons I've ever had today. Gretchen woke my lazy butt up at 11 with a phone call, she was in search of food. The plan was to go get a quick bite to eat and then go visit the stereo shop at which Bill B. just started working.

We drove aimlessly through Ann Arbor while we attempted to negotiate the appropriate lunch time restaurant. Just as I pulled onto 23 north to go to north campus Gretchen decided that she'd like to go to a grill in Brighton, 15 miles north. I love to drive so I have no problem with the idea and we were gone. As we got to Brighton we found the restaurant of her choosing closed and not to be opened for another 2 hours. Damn!

We drove further into town and stopped in something that looked like a downtown. After nearly going into a sports bar-looking place we ended up at the Brighton Bar and Grill. We didn't know what to expect, but hey, we were hungry! Were quickly seated in a fairly busy, dimly lit, restaurant with a lot of old people dining. It smelled like an Old Country Buffet with all the particular cosmetics in the air. Eh.

We were amazed with the menu. Not only were we hungry, but everything sounded so good. I was expecting a lot different in this little town in between lansing and the metro area. Being unable to decide, we grazed our way through the menu trying crab cakes (yum), gumbo (very peppery, yum) garlic and boursin cheese on bread(2 whole garlic cloves, yum!), and a thai shrimp pasta (good, but not thai, the peanut sauce was not quite there). We spent 3 hours lounging, eating, drinking, and thinking of nothing else but this little booth in the back of the restaurant and the nice waiter who kept bringing us treats.

After lunch we did stop by the stereo shop but Bill was busy and we were tired. We both retired to our respective homes and passed out for 3 hours a piece. That was a lot of hard work we put in relaxing.

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That evening a big group of people converged upon Arbor Brewing for darts and drinks and proceeded to Skeepers for $.75 bottles and dancing. Matt Smart took these three pictures of Gretchen and me yacking away about something or another.