10 January 2001

Dear ACME Robot Factory,
    Please send me one RemotelyControlled UltraDinosaurOfDoom Robot Assasin Kit in Green to my secret lair.


3 weeks later....

img_0448.jpg img_0449.jpg
"Excellent, they even gift-wrapped it! What a nice touch."

img_0453.jpg img_0454.jpg img_0455.jpg
"These directions are impossible!"

img_0457.jpg img_0458.jpg img_0460.jpg
"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fear me! damn that powercord"

img_0451.jpg img_0452.jpg
The problem with packing 12 people in a closet with no windows and poor ventilation is that it gets HOT. Dirt rigged a fan for constant air movage. Don't tell the man.