03 January 2001

Yesterday I was working late when I my phone buzzed. Gretchen had lost her keys while running errands downtown. She needed help. I packed up and went to help her. We searched all the stores she'd been in and the best explanation that we came up with was that she set them down in a furniture store and another couple there accidently picked them up.

Much wrangling occurred (doors don't knock down as easily as they do on tv as I painfully discovered--hey it wasn't my idea) but in the end I drove her to her parents' house an hour north to pick up an extra key and all was settled for the night.

Just as I was settling in for work today Gretchen burst in with a poppy seed muffin, apple fritter, a cute card, and these flowers. All a big thank you. Yay! They made my day happier, thats for sure. They're so colorful in this taupe and grey closet of an office.

img_0423.jpg img_0424.jpg img_0425.jpg img_0427.jpg img_0432.jpg