27 December 2000

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The war room: brother Eric threw a 4-day LAN in the family room before I came up from Ann Arbor. In this picture only my laptop, his computer, and the infrastructure + soda cans remain.

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Before I left town I stopped by Dad's office to pick up a few things. As you can see from his office, I am genetically destined to be a pile-based organizer. Jen has the exact same problem. As much as we want things to be neat and pleasing, we just can't do it. It's all his fault. =)


Back at the office dirt starts working from the current floor plans to design the perfect arbor networks office. We want him to use his theatre design experience to make something really awesome, but unfortunately we need to be somewhat fiscally responsible. We'll wait 'til we have tons-o-profit before we buy the fog machines. I can't wait to get out of the closet in the back and into the main floor. Latest estimates put that at sometime near the beginning of february. feh.