26 December 2000

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Inspired by my chat with Matt back in Ann Arbor, I tracked down one of my better friends from high school, Lohren (lor-hen in a not easily forgotten misspelling). We had not talked since I was working at IBM in 97, so we had a fair amount to share. He's working on his Masters of Architecture at Ball State and just accepted an Assistant Professorship. He had already been a TA, so this was quite the move up for a grad student. After sandwiches and questionable glasses of chai we drove around Mt. Pleasant and the Central campus discussing all the new buildings in town. The new music building on campus was particularly interesting.

I left high school and left nearly all of it behind. Leaving everything is a natural reaction for me after moving and losing friends several times during my childhood. High school was really not that pleasant of a time for me and it was easy for me to dismiss the whole mess. Spending time with Lohren really made me re-realize that I knew good people in high school and I shouldn't just give up entirely. Maybe I should seek out more people. Or maybe you should drop me a note.