24 December 2000

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The kids were put in charge of christmas eve activities this year. That really meant that Jen and I were in charge of xmas activities, since Eric was busy with his McJob. We when to meijer, bought many supplies, and changed dinner about 3 times before we decided on a breakfast dinner. The menu included waffles, french toast, scottish eggs, fresh fruit, canned peaches, bacon, sausage, and too much other stuff. Mom's favourite, the george forman grill, proved acceptable at cooking bacon, though not as quick as the stove top.

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Jen and I decided that we needed a creative activity to get the evening going. We decided that everyone should make their own hat and have to wear it for the night. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I ended up making something that looked like a cross between a bicycle helmet and the flying nun. Mom and Dad made Admiral type hats while Jen and Eric went for more of a stove pipe style.

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Presents take somewhere around 3 hours for us. We go around one at a time so every one can see what everyone else gets. And we definitely give and receive many presents between the five of us. The highlights of the night: Dad gets a compressor and finishing nail gun, Mom gets her new sewing machine, and Jen gets a Dremmel Workbench.