22 December 2000

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Matt and I ventured out into the world of last minute shopping. I had all my shopping done, but he still needed to pick up a few items. Stop one: the mall. In the parking lot we found a huge can of red bull and, being the geeks that we are, worshiped it. So much caffeine! In the mall we shopped, children had their picture taken with santa clause, and I got a demonic french fry at Olga's. It also looks a lot like a bracheaosaraus from the right angle.

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Jon had a holiday party. I only knew about 4 people there to start out, which was way too low for me: I felt really uncomfortable. But luckily I folded into a conversation with Ben and Becca and slowly met the people around me. Later we played dreidel, which sucked. I'm sure it holds a special place in some peoples' hearts. The game just didn't hold sober Bill's interest long enough. I did get to meet Becca more, and she's a very interesting person with which to converse. Very enjoyable.