20 December 2000
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Someone was playing with my camera. Later I catch ben practicing. About half of our office can juggle, and most of the rest of use are trying to figure it out. There are only a few in the crowd that are too cool to pick up a set of balls and try.
img_0198.jpg img_0200.jpg img_0201.jpg Happy birthday Kat! It's a big outting, starting at the brown jug and busting out at Mitches. Much drunkness occurs, and many pictures are deleted to protect the supposedly innocent.
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img_0214.jpg img_0215.jpg img_0216.jpg Girls kissing Bil! And Tami becomes super light when she's drunk. I've deleted a lot of flying pictures, but believe me, she floats a lot when she's toasted.
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img_0224.jpg img_0225.jpg img_0226.jpg Matt from Mt. Pleasant. I haven't talked to Matt since high school, 7 years ago. He's been at Michigan for ever and is now working on a phd in material science. We talked for quite a while, probably more than we ever did in high school. He told me about all the people that I haven't thought about it in years, and a couple of people I do think about occasionally, but still don't keep intouch with just because I'm not really that sort of person. It was fun and refreshing, and a very strange addition to this very wild evening.