12 December 2000
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What a happy day. I woke up early this morning as the sun reflecting off the snow completely filled my room with light. The snow had ended during the night and left a lot of white ground and blue sky. Today I turn 25 and the snow is a great present. I haven't seen snow like this since living up in Houghton. It looked like this all the time up there, but this is the first awesome snow i've seen in the 2.5 years I've lived down here.

I don't know really how to describe how I feel about 25 years old. 25 has a significantly different texture and color than the numbers before it, and it effects how I feel about being that old. I don't feel old, I'm not quite that neurotic, but I'm starting to think that I'm not so young anymore. I'm finishing school, I just today signed my offer letter to work for arbor networks, and many other things too personal to share here are changing in my life. It's a pity that we don't have real rituals and rites of passage in this culture. I fully intend to be a child at heart for the rest of my life, but nothing in my life has ever told me I'm anything but a child. A child with a bank account, credit card, car, and many toys. But today as I think about my life I see something changing. Nothing labelled in red letters or placed on an alter, but something. It's a good thing.

I ended up feeling pretty crappy physically for most of the day, but I did make it out to campus to pick up some books I needed for a paper. Later in the evening Gretchen came over with a tasty banana creme layer cake and then chia+Gretchen took me out to the Old Town to celebrate my birthday and Gretchen's snow day (she doesn't have to teach tomorrow).

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