06 December 2000
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Molly, Stacy, and I drove out to the rockin college town of Albion, MI, to see a fragment of Brad's band play some covers. We really didn't go for the covers, more just to go and hangout somewhere. Gina's by the Trax reminded me a lot of high school. It seemed like a lot of the same sort of people I went to high school with in semi-rural Mt. Pleasant. At Gina's we can see Molly and the Asses, the band, and the Mullet. Stacy was approached by the well developed and highly preditory mullet several times through the night. Scary, but interesting too.

After dropping everyone off at the end of the night, I couldn't help but slide around a little in the snow. Here's are some cool arcs I cut parking my car for the night.