25 November 2000

Bill in pregroove form. I was dressed up and waiting for the world to catch up with me. Joey Beltram was kickin out of my stereo as hard as it could, and all was good.

Eventually everybody got their acts together and we took off for pontiac and clutch cargo's. 4 floor of dance and booze. In our party, Gretchen and her lovely friend Chris, Smart, Guthaus, Amy and her brother, and me. The club was quiet, there weren't many people around until late in the evening. Eventually the 80s floor was packed, and the main alternadance floor had enough people for it to be fun, but also enough room to not even have to worry about other people. There were some cute people out that night. One woman in particular. She was very thin and tan, things I usually don't find all that appealling, but she had a great smile and a hiragana 'ka' tattooed at the nape of her neck. Sexy.

Back in Ann Arbor Smart, Gretchen, Chris, and I rested our tired and hungry bodies at the Fleetwood before drifting home for sleep.

This is what 4 day weekends are all about. Thursday I spent relaxing Bill B. Friday I spent at City Club and hanging with friends from Houghton, Saturday sleeping and then clubbing again, and tomorrow will be all about sleep and recovery.