23 November 2000

American Thanksgiving

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This was the first Thanksgiving that I've spent away from home. Since home is only 2 hours away I was obviously not concerned about it, but it was still something to notice. I had been home only a week before so I figured I'd enjoy my break in Ann Arbor. Bill B. invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner. He made a full meal, the only thing that wasn't like home was the lack of the green beans with fried onions and the pie was apple rather than pumpkin. Bill made a great turkey and his pie was very good as well, the apples were appropriately tart.

Afterwards, we spent about 3 hours listening with his audio system. We listened to Radiohead's Kid A (a current obsession of mine) several times. The album, already amazing, was so much clearer and more interesting on Bill's system. We also listening to a bunch of his stuff, even playing the cd vs vinyl game. I had a good time that evening.