20 November 2000

Today I walked up from my office on campus to the new arbor networks office. I was headed up to meet with a couple of their monkeys for a working interview. We talk about what they had, I talked about what I would do if I was working for them, and we brainstormed more about their technology and what a user interface means for such a tool. I felt it went really well and I have high hopes of getting a job.

In the evening I went to Two Wheel Tango to pick up some winterizing supplies for my bike. I took this photo to remind myself exactly what the back of my bike looks like. It turned out to be very useful because most fenders seem to want to mount through a hole in the frame above the wheel. My frame has no such hole, so I bought a seat post-mounted fender instead. I also bought a front fender and a rear seisure-inducing flashing red light so drivers can at least see me before they run me over.