17 November 2000

Angela and Rob, along with Joe and I get lost in the maze of video rental at Blockbuster. We end up watching a horribly cheezy soft-core movie called Zorita. Female Zorro/Robin Hood. Enthralling. Entirely disappointing with the overwhelming majority of artificially enhanced breast (ick). We also rented Romeo Must Die, which was much better than I had expected. Definitely american kung-fu movie, but it was fairly funny, and Alyah was decent as an actor. I had my doubts going in. The movie also had an awesome special effect: As some insane blow was delivered time would slow down and you would zoom in to see a view that is a cross between x-ray and CAD. This view showed the internal damage being suffered (broken arm, impaled heart, and crushed spine). Violent? yes. Neat effect? yes.