16 November 2000
img_1469.jpg img_1471.jpg Waitress, there's a wrench in my beer! The honourable Bil Lusa brings another meeting of the West-side Drinking Authority (WDA) to order at one of our regular haunts, the Sidetrack of Ypsilanti, MI.
img_1472.jpg img_1473.jpg I'm enjoying my first of several beers that evening, 25 oz of sweet sweet Harp. Bil is looking for something, but nobody knows what it might be.
img_1474.jpg img_1475.jpg The world, as seen by beer. And congestion. Smart scoots by Molly while Brad observes closely.
img_1476.jpg img_1477.jpg Oh no! A strange groove bug hits burns first. Then it quickly spreads down the table. What next!
img_1478.jpg img_1479.jpg Half the table bops while the other half stares in disbelief. Burns is so overcome that he's out of his chair. You can tell bil wants to be there too! He's pushing that chair back...
img_1480.jpg img_1481.jpg Burns is down, but Bil is ready! Is that the Lawnmower??
img_1482.jpg img_1484.jpg Molly Kay and I stare in disbelief. Luckily our leadership calms down, takes a seat, and keeps drinking.
img_1485.jpg img_1486.jpg Grrr baby! Grrrr!
img_1487.jpg img_1492.jpg happy shiny drunk people (dave, me)
img_1493.jpg img_1494.jpg The hands that have captured the world's memories.
img_1495.jpg The check is paid and coats donned. This 16th of November 2000 meeting of the WDA is adjourned and we amble back to our various soberly piloted vehicles. I for one was definitely not driving.