13 November 2000


Monday morning comes really early. It's Eva's first day of work and I drive her out to some completely obscure chunk of the world south of downtown seattle. There only appears to be one real way in or out of this district, and it wasn't apparent on the map. We swirled and spun through all sorts of business and residential areas to find a hospital where the amazon brainwashing begins. Thankfully we found it with plenty of time to spare. I felt strange, I felt like mom dropping her kid off for the first day of kindergarten.

So off Eva went. It was 8:30 and my flight wasn't until noon. With nothing to do, I decided I should go find a coffee shop and do some perl programming that I've been putting off. Driving north on the obvious road that we never saw on the map, I only have to go about 4 blocks before I find a starbucks. Now I really don't like starbucks, but I figured I'd give them a chance in their home town. I still didn't like the store or the coffee, though my bagel was pretty good. After spending time observing the hordes of medical students that flowed through the place, and even getting a little but of code written, I took off and started the going-home process. Return car, shuttle to seatac, check-in (I love electronic tickets, people are entirely afraid of the little check-in machines so there is never a line), people watch in the terminal, debate upgrading my ticket, perl, wait until the last second to board the plane, sit down, take off.

The flight was fine. I sat next to a very cute women with an adorable 4 year-old son. He was really well behaved during the flight and she was pretty fun to talk to. Eventually she brought up the election and I kindly ended it there and went back to my perl. It was a rough landing into mpls, and then a long wait to get out. The plane left the gate soon enough, but it was snowing and we had to wait a while for deicing. The plane was only at about a third of capacity so I took my own row in the back. I stretched out, skipped the water and peanuts, and perled for about an hour of the hour and a half flight.

I got to Lansing right on time, about 9:30 p.m. est, and had a uneventful hour drive home. Another successful, non traumatic travel adventure. Yay!