12 November 2000

Seattle: the mountains

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Another late morning for us two dynamos. As Eva is getting ready I entertain myself by provoking and photographing Cooper and Starling. Starling especially likes the combination of string and box.

We made it out before noon this time, and took off south again, but this time we were off for Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. We had a good time; it was a full day of traveling and sight seeing made even longer by the 20mph max roads in the mountains. The weather was great, but the roads had very icy ruts all through the mountains forcing us to take it slow. I was disappointed to find that the visitor areas on both Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens were already closed off due to snow and ice. I could have made it to the Mt. St. Helens site if I had rented a vehicle with more clearance, but the Regal just didn't cut the mustard. No matter, it was a beautiful trip.

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Look what I found impaled through the rubber rockguard in the front of the car. We were makin a big sparky trail down I-5 for a while with this fun chunk of metal.