11 November 2000

Seattle: Olympics and BTS

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After a late night we're lazy bums and don't make it out of Eva's apartment until nearly noon. I have it in my mind to see the areas surrounding Seattle, so we set off down I-5. We stopped for food and gas somewhere before olympia and I pulled into an arco am/pm. I got there and was completely frustrated. first you must prepay: annoying. second they did have a pay at the pump, but it was on a separate island, 3rd the island took cash or debit, not credit. I was so frustrated at this point that i drove off to a different gas station. ARCO, I HATE YOU. Note the scary guy in camo walking up behind us as i took this picture from the left hand turn lane. Luckily we took off before he got to us.

Sleater-Kinney! Wooooo!

We decided to drive up along the Olympic Peninsula for as we had time to make it back for the Built To Spill show in Seattle. We slowly cruised up the winding roads, stopping every once in a while to enjoy the cold air and wonderful surroundings. We found one road that wound up Mt. Walker, a small mountain along the eastern side of the peninsula. It was a curvy little drive, but the view from up on top of the mountain was amazing. The air was cold and very crisp and fairly clear. The only improvement I could have suggested would have been some blue sky.

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img_1371.jpg img_1372.jpg So we slowly made it up the peninsula. Eventually we made our way up to the oh-so-quaint Port Townsend. We walked around town for a while, saw a pretty cool skate park and some of the local hoodlums. Port Townsend was so strange because it is really close to Seattle, but so small and out of the way. Out past the industrial park with a half a dozen boats up on stilts thick and nearly solid white clouds rose from the water. We walked the 2 miles down a path to what turned out to be a big paper mill. The clouds mesmerized me, I only wish that I could have captured them,the pictures barely manage.
Eva had the great idea to find a ferry to get us back across to Seattle rather than drive all the way back down to Olympia. The road to the ferry was really busy, but by the time we made it to the ferry there weren't so many people waiting. nice. I'm really glad we made the ferry. Not only did it save us a lot of time driving, but it provided some wonderful views and even more time for Eva and I to talk.
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img_1405.jpg img_1406.jpg Here's Cooper, one of Eva's two cute kittys, tolerating me as we sit around relaxing before hitting the town.
Added bonus of my trip to Seattle: Built to Spill! Yay! Eva turned me on to much of the NW scene back when we were dating and this is the first time I've seen BTS. The show was calm and very comfortable. BTS had been in the studio working on a new cd, so they hadn't been practicing the old songs too much. The show was noticeably rough at points, but the energy and honesty in the music was very pleasing. Doug is such an anti-star. His looks say engineer whose resigned himself to working at a job he doesn't like for the next 30 years while his demeanor says entomologist. He screwed up several times for the show and got visibly and verbally annoyed with himself each time. The show was at the Experience Music Project. Unfortunately most of the museum was closed-off, so I didn't get a chance to explore. But what little I saw of the building was amazing. I'll have to go back. The whole place is very modern and fluid. Esoteric jelly fish undulated high in the ceiling during the whole show while a huge jumbotron spewed computer visualizations into the hall.
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