10 November 2000


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Another Lansing special, this time out to Seattle, via mpls. It was a long flight out, but thankfully quiet. I think I might have even slept a little, though it's hard to say for sure. I sat next to a woman from Grand Forks on the long flight from mpls to seatac and we talked a little bit. Amazingly enough she didn't bring up the damned election once. It was so nice to not hear anything about that debacle.

Since I left Michigan at 07 est, i was in Seattle by 11 pst... the day was still young. I wandered around the terminal for a moment to take in the scene and just as I was getting ready to leave I hear "Bill!" In shock I recognize Eva standing before me. I had totally misunderstood a IM session between us, and I thought that I was going to be meeting her at her apartment. NOPE. I was really lucky that she found me, otherwise that would have been a really crappy way to start off the weekend. We went off to retrieve my chariot, another Buick Regal. No CD =( No Keyless Fob =( Aside from that, the car was just fine, and the Enterprise people were as scarily eager as the ones that I encountered in mpls when visiting jen.

First thing we're off to Bellevue. UPS has been dorking around and not delivering Eva's employment papers for her brand new job at the kings of one-click. I'm glad she got a job and this one shouldn't be too bad, I guess. Once that was all done it was time for FOOD. I was so hungry. Off we walked into the trendo part of campus to a great thai buffet. We ate, talked, and then slowly wandered back to her place. I was greatly amused by the Seattle Police's Powder Blue RV with reserved parking spot, right in the middle of it all.

Back at Eva's I totally passed out. I had been up since 05 est, with about 3 hours of sleep the night before. Crash-ola. Once I resurfaced we went out for a fun french film about two lovers living in their own world on a bridge. It was really quite beautiful.

We bounced back to Eva's after the movie to check messages and the like and then Eva convinced me to give up the car and we headed into downtown seattle on the bus. Aside from the campus bus, I think this was only the second time that I've intentionally ridden on a public transit bus. I don't like em. It was a fun trip out, lots of interesting people and scenery. Once downtown we went to this restaurant/bar/venue/laundromat called Sit-and-Spin with games, pizza, and beer. We played a couple games of scrabble and Eva started the game with TEARGAS! Give me a break. She kicked my ass in that game, and I think I barely scraped by her on the second one.

WLM inc. I had no idea I had branch offices in Seattle.

We wandered through the night after that, until about 1 am when we headed for our bus. But of course, public transit failed me again and we had to take a taxi back. Stupid Buses. Luckily it was such a pretty (and cold) night, I had such a good time with Eva that the bus was a mere inconvenience. We'll drive next time.