06 November 2000


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Today it's even more dreary than it had been. Now it's wet, cold, and windy. I actually like it. I really need to live in the Northwest... pdx, vancouver, maybe even seattle (shudder). Brad gets us out of the hotel and we travel for some greezee BBQ. This is a place that Brad likes a lot, and once we get there I see why. The food was excellent and cheap. I had a pork sandwich with a side of their homemade beans. Both wonderful. Apparently this place is also a blues joint at night. If I'm ever back in Atlanta, I'm going back there.

There's another collective soul show tonight, but before that happens Angela and I go out to do some touristy type things. We went down to the underground mall. It stunk, literally and figuratively. But right next to the underground mall is The World of Coke. Coke is one of those very scary things that has warped our entire world in a small but perceptible way. It was worth a look around. They had 42 world-wide coke products in one part of the Museum. It was really interesting to see how tastes vary so greatly around the world. There were some middle eastern and asian products that I absolutely could not stomach. The last picture, the painting of the coke bottle was interesting. A preacher in the south somewhere stopped preachin one day and started getting messages from god. He expresses these messages by painting scenes on silhouettes of coke bottles. The guy has painted thousands of them. Folk Art. Scary.

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