28 October 2000

The PowerPuff girls are off to fight crime again, but this time with the help of Eric as Bubbles. Guthaus wimped out and Eric bravely stepped foward to fill that dress. This time we're off to Sam's house (in the pegiun suit, first row, last picture). It was an good crowd when we got there but sometime fairly early in the evening the tap broke. There were many valient efforts by TopGun logisticians let the beer flow, but no keg was revived. We took our little Powerpuff band off to the 8ball to drink away the extra hour gained thanks to our friend Ben Franklin and his antiquated idea, day light savings.

img_1206.jpg img_1207.jpg img_1208.jpg img_1209.jpg
img_1211.jpg img_1212.jpg img_1213.jpg img_1214.jpg
img_1215.jpg img_1216.jpg img_1217.jpg

After returning from the 8ball and drinking more at home, I got online and as eva found out, I passed out. Sometime between 3:17 and 3:32. Snarf.