27 October 2000

leaving work today i was treated to a wondrous spectical of sunlight streaming around the business school.


It's party time! After a last minute stitch job by gretchen (10pm!) Chiahaus morphs into The PowerPuff Girls! We descend upon Xtreme Halloween bash out at the barn and a grand time is had by all. At its peak there was probably about 150 people in the barn. Even as I dragged my ass out at 5 am there were still about 30 people hanging about, many of them burnt out and slumped over tables, couches, and each other.

The powerpuff girls zoom away, left to right: Blossom (Smart), Buttercup (Me), Bubbles (Guthaus) (0C). The pit downstairs (2A, 2B), the dance floor up stair (2C), the band across the way (7A), the fire outside (2D), and the loft way up high (5D). The crowd included Homer (Doh!, 4C), Austin (9A) the King (7B), Death unmasked and Brittney (5B), Charley's Angles (6B), The Chipmunks (3B), and Peter Gabriel from that one video (8A).

  A B C D
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1 img_1167.jpg img_1168.jpg img_1169.jpg img_1170.jpg
2 img_1172.jpg img_1173.jpg img_1174.jpg img_1175.jpg
3 img_1176.jpg img_1177.jpg img_1179.jpg img_1180.jpg
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