24 October 2000


while slaving away for worldisround at sweetwaters, i saw this truck drive by. it looks entirely out of place for ann arbor, something that i'd expect to see in houghton. i liked the truck and its driver so i snapped this picture before it took off.

img_1153.jpg img_1154.jpg

after a month of trying to wrangle the forces into one place, i managed to get gretchen and smart to agree and go out shopping for halloween. guthaus couldn't go, but we got measurements which would have to be good enough. my idea for halloween is brilliant. i can't believe that i talked chia into it. if you can't figure it out from these pictures, you'll just have to wait for halloween party pictures.


today was a day of stuff. good stuff. i got a package from my mother: halloween treats. i also received a package from fatbrain, two edward tufte books (great inspiration and insight for information representation) and neilson's designing web usability. i read about half of neilson's it at sweetwaters after shopping. The book is quite readable but it wasn't really telling me much that i didn't already know. oh well.