21 October 2000
Football madness. Today is the UM vs MSU game. There seems to be a big rivalry between the two big state schools. There were a lot of people out doing a lot of stupid things, most of which I didn't photograph. But the line of girls in sports bras and body paint asking for their picture to be taken was too much to pass up.

Dave and Bil throw another successful tailgate before the game. After the game I head to Erin's tailgate which turns out to have been a ecological disaster and party success of unimaginable proportion. 4 or 5 kegs (no one remembers), much booze, kareoke, too much food... it was all nuts and apparently much more subdued than their pregame tailgate.

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Today is also Angela's birthday. To celebrate we went to Don Carlos for dinner and then out to City Club. Around the table thats Joe, Me (too much sun), Angela, Tom's GF(dammit, I forgot her name), and Sarah.
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