06 October 2000


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I'm up on the grey Friday morning and I'm off to visit my friends Val and Ramona, the constant advisors to the Student Entertainment Board, in their new digs at the Rosa Performing Arts Center. Walking around with Val I find the first bug in place, a mothy slug thing. The Performing Arts Center is a wonderful facility for many reasons. Not only is there a modern stage right on campus, but for the first time Val has her own posh office with a window.. (the old office in the library was homey, but cramped. In a space only twice the size of Val's new office we fit Val, Ramona, and usually 2 or 3 members of the SEB, not to mention all of our materials. The new t still needs to be decorated though (if you've been in the old SEB office, you know, if not, oh well, your loss).
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Above, the huge dorm, Wadsworth Hall, that I lived in for my first two years of school. Below, the lab in Fisher Hall that I spent 4 years of my life in.

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I went to go find my friend Jeff, but silly me I forgot that he was off on vacation. I got to his office and found an excuse note and a nice diagram. Since I couldn't take pictures of Jeff, I took pictures of pictures of Jeff working.
Here's Nils. I've run into him several times today, passing him in opposite directions in almost the exact same spot. Nils is one of the most wonderful people I've ever known. Without doubt. I was so glad to see him here for the opening, after not seeing him for years.

After seeing Nils the second time of the day I went to see the homecoming parade. I felt like a luser for coming up to school on Homecoming, but I didn't know, honestly! Tech has a strange homecoming tradition of a hobo parade for homecoming. People dress up in their finest from St. Vincent de Paul and each of the frats revive a car from the junk yard long enough to beat the crap out of it and have it belch smoke and fire for a mile or two, mostly likely being towed by a more able car.

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Back and Sandy's, Sandy, Xena, Steph, and I go out onto the back 40 and shoot at Sandy's new target with a 20 caliber rifle and pistol. Fun!
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