05 October 2000


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It's a dark and early morning when Steph shows up at the chiaHaus. Steph was my roommate senior year at tech and has been my good friend since I met her in Japanese class. We're off to Houghton for the opening ceremonies at the Rosa Performing Arts Center--the new 1101 seat theatre on campus. It's a long drive from Ann Arbor to Houghton, 560 miles and 10 hours, but we manage to pass the time.

We made it into town at about 3:30--time to spare before the 5 o'clock ceremony. The ceremony was too many people talking on and on about how grateful they were to the other speakers for donating money to the cetner. Serious, thanks, but still. Two people I did actually enjoy hearing from were: Jeff, the guy in the Air Force get-up and the president of the Student Entertainment Board, and Val the Director of the Cultural Affairs office and the advisor to SEB. After all the hoopla we settled down at Sandy and Tim's for the night.

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