20 September 2000

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A new toy made it into the office today. Apple/Harman Kardon sound sticks. We're getting a new video station in for the KNOW project, but these made it in before the new G4 did. Since they were just sitting there in the lab, I had to bring them back to my office and try them out. I was really disappointed to find that they are usb speakers, meaning they don't have a standard audio jack. I plugged them in to my powerbook and after a second pause the speakers kicked in. They look amazing, they sound beautiful, but they're $200 and only work on a usb mac. I boxed them back up so they can sit unappreciated in the hi-ce collaboratory.

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Afterwards, I stopped by the atl on north campus to pack up the lego mac. With most of the the hi-ce atl hacks: me, andy, brahm, mike, chris, and others who've left their mark on our wonderful lego'ed powerbook G3 gone, we decided to send it to brahm who is most responsible for this current incarnation of the beast. I've modified the packing that protected my powerbook on it's trip to Texas and back. The lego mac fits quite nicely now, and as soons as it's power supply reappears, I'm sending it out to brahm in california.