09 September 2000
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It's the first home football game of the season, and Erin (1A) is large and in charge. There are two things that really excite Erin, the 4th of July, and Michigan Football. So we meet in the Meijer parking lot at 8:30 saturday morning to pool supplies and consolidate cars, since it's $20 a car for the prime tailgating location. Here's what happened:

Jeff introduces me to Jen (0C), tailgate is in full operation within 180 seconds of parking (0D-1C), cute kids collect cans (1D), football game and Melissa with a lemur (2B), Melissa passed out (3A), man wants more mini-muffins! (3B)

This same night Chia threw a party. I got back to Meijers from the game tanked and unable to drive home. Instead I wandered Meijer, buying stuff for the party and talking to anybody I could (sister, gretchen) on my mobile. Chia decided that our party needed and theme and we chose a birthday party, despite the fact that it was no one's birthday. So I bought party favors, food, cake and ice cream, a helium cannister, ballons, and much more... drunk with a really high credit limit, watch out.

Eventually I sobered up enough to drive home and we start to prepare. The keg was ready and the bar fully stocked with the addition of a case of red bull (half the case disappears through the night and some people vibrate--it's easy to tell who drank the red bull).

Smart partys with Melissa behind the bar (5B), while Guthaus is oblivious (5C). Sam glows (6C) people behind him philosophise (6D), while other people smear frosting on each other (8C). Gigi molests sleeping boys (9A) and Brian isn't there (8D).

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