07 September 2000

The physical trackpad button has become completely undeclicking. I have to stuff my hand in through the media bay to push the entire outside shell of my powerbook to unstick the click. I rarely use the physical button, preferring to tap on the trackpad, but it had become ridiculous and this beast is under warrantee, so off to apple it goes. Kudos to their support, despite the fact that I do have to sent it to Texas to get it fixed. I called yesterday and the mailer box showed up today, with next day mailing label ready to go. I just hope my baby comes back as quickly.

Another Thursday, and another Chia grill. Going from left to right: My arm, Guthaus, Smart, Amy (front), Meghan (back), Bill B., Sam, Gretchen?, and Bil.

img_0608.jpg img_0609.jpg img_0610.jpg
img_0611.jpg img_0614.jpg img_0615.jpg
With an audience, Smart whips out the fire to entertain and impress, while I play with the shutter speed on my d-elph.

img_0618.jpg img_0619.jpg
After grilling many of us head out to the farm for a bonfire. Watch the demons dance.