26 August 2000


A super-cheap cyber-saver came floating down from and I'm off to Minneapolis to visit my sister Jen and friend Andy. I flew out of lansing super early, part of the deal.

img_0444.jpg img_0454.jpg img_0455.jpg img_0459.jpg
I like the work of drugged out farmers in Wisconsin.

img_0467.jpg img_0468.jpg img_0469.jpg
After pickin up my rental chariot and hang out with Jen, we went out shoppin. Both jen and I picked up some rockin boots. You see her's, mine were some docs that look somewhat like bowling shoes with 1.5 inch soles--super cheap!

After shopping and lunch we hooked up with Andy. Here is the result of my awesome parking job right in front of his house. My parallel parking skills are honed after 2 years in Ann Arbor, although it was a challenge parking this beast compared to the nimble dodge neon I normally drive.

Andy was proud to show me his homemade industrial-type furniture. This rack was inspired partially by Bill B.'s granite and 1-inch threaded steel rod AV rack. He also made a desk of pipe and mdf inspired by jwz's misadventures. The desk actually quite nice, but I didn't get a picture of it.

img_0478.jpg img_0480.jpg
As the sun set we headed to a little industrial park in the middle of Minneapolis for a show, Picture Powderhorn. The grain silo is the setting for this show which was a great unknown quantity, other than the endorsement from jen, who worked security at it yesterday.

img_0483.jpg img_0485.jpg img_0487.jpg img_0489.jpg
Testing. This first picture is the HUGE projector testing and adjusting settings. We waited for the show... it was a long wait, just like waiting for fireworks. Andy plays with a piece of trash.

img_0492.jpg img_0495.jpg
Here you can barely see the movies and still being projected on the grain silo. The second shot is more projection, and the bright spots are dancers that have repelled half way down and are springing and rolling around the silo. The show was pretty hard to describe, but it was very cool.

After the show, I took a picture of the projector, perched high on scaffold platform. The big optic looked to be about a foot in diameter. I want.