20 August 2000

Today was a day of much adventure--it started with a call to breakfast and just kept going....

img_0385.jpg img_0386.jpg img_0388.jpg
Chef Gretchen prepares a wonderful brunch of omelets, eggs, and french toast on her tiny stove. Suz and George scour the Sunday paper for "puppy for sale" ads.

After several phone calls, we're off into the nether regions of metro detroit to search for a dog. Suz and George both really want a dog to varying degrees. We drive to somewhere, I didn't really pay attention, and walk into a house/kennel. There are little yappy pure-bred dogs in cages everywhere. The whole house is dark and smells. There were some cute kittens as well. While I'm sure the prices were quite reasonable for the market, it seemed obscene to be paying $600 for a puppy to support this fairly annoying woman and her habit of inbreeding dogs. S&G were looking at an English something or another. An all together ugly dog with no forehead and eyeballs bulging out. Black and white, and very sad looking. As S&G realize that they will actually have to train and care for this dog, and as Suz realizes that she's going to have to train and care for this dog because George is always travelling the enthusiam fades.

img_0396.jpg img_0398.jpg img_0402.jpg
Faced with the depression of giving up on a fun idea we hit a bar on Woodward, just in time for them to start serving booze! Yay. We all downed a handful of cocktails and they lightened our moods considerably. Here's George lusting over another person's bike. Oops, I don't think I was supposed to say that part... That's his new bike, of course.

img_0403.jpg img_0405.jpg img_0408.jpg
Cruisin' back to Ann Arbor. I'm happy. Strangely, we pass Suz and George's neighbors on M-14 back into AA.

img_0412.jpg img_0413.jpg img_0414.jpg img_0424.jpg img_0425.jpg The rest of the day is spent grilling and hanging out on S&G's porch. Neighbor's that we passed come over with they're little boy. Others come as well. It's all a bit of a blur, me maintaining a buzz from the bar in metroland onward.

Ok, this is hair product I found in S&G's bathroom. I realize it's cool to be all computeristic and all, but isn't this just a bit much?

After I had already given up on the day, my roommate from tech, Joe, shows up with his friend Ila. Joe's getting ready to move to Ann Arbor, and of course, just as he's leaving Houghton he meets wonderful Ila. We'll just have to see what happens.