31 July 2000

The Bobrowsky Annual Camping Trip: Boston

The Boston crew, Josh, Sam, and Bill B., hanging in our posh hotel room.

img_0147.jpg img_0149.jpg
Riding the T, aka Virus Box.

img_0164.jpg img_0165.jpg
Lunch in Durgin Park.

img_0167.jpg img_0168.jpg
Hanging out on the water front. Boats and Planes, and the Aquarium.

DING thou the Instruc ion of a Member

img_0172.jpg img_0174.jpg img_0175.jpg img_0177.jpg img_0178.jpg
Ferry ride out to the USS Constitution.

img_0179.jpg img_0180.jpg img_0181.jpg img_0183.jpg img_0184.jpg img_0185.jpg img_0186.jpg img_0187.jpg img_0188.jpg img_0189.jpg img_0190.jpg img_0191.jpg
The USS Cassin Young.

img_0192.jpg img_0194.jpg img_0195.jpg img_0196.jpg img_0197.jpg
The USS Constitution.

Josh stylin in a stylin chair.

Where's my ruler?

The Big Dig.

img_0201.jpg img_0202.jpg img_0203.jpg img_0204.jpg img_0205.jpg
Naked lady at La Dulce Vida. And coffee afterwards.

img_0209.jpg img_0210.jpg img_0211.jpg img_0212.jpg img_0213.jpg img_0214.jpg Blurry crusing through town.