30 July 2000

The Bobrowsky Annual Camping Trip

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We were an active bunch; breakfast and frisbee before packing up and heading out.

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After breaking up camp we drove out to Boston, driving through 3 states to do it. The east coast is funny that way. Check out the duck truck, amphibious tourist vehicle.

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Dinner at the Real Yankee--This is a good home style place. Steak, Chicken, and Seafood. And a very cute Irish waitress. It was her last day working there.

A bridge under construction. One of the many things that seem to be under construction in Boston.

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Bill B. takes us out to the Boston Science Museum. Before the IMAX show, Bill shows us his friends, the rocks in the Museum garden. After IMAX, we went to the planetarium for the Jimi Hendrix and Lasers. Waiting in line, I found the direct line to Saturn.