29 July 2000

The Bobrowsky Annual Camping Trip

img_0095.jpg img_0096.jpg
Connecticut is a big haul from Ann Arbor so I was up early and on the road at dawn. This first picture is light from the sun peeking up and hitting puffy clouds. These pictures are all taken with my new camera, a Canon Digital Elph, or the S100.

I made it to the camp as it was getting dark and I set-p my tent in the dark. This is a picture of the posh tent setup Mona and Matt. The whole tent bulged as they zipped the dual air matresses in the tent.

img_0099.jpg img_0100.jpg img_0101.jpg
Morning grub wrangling.

img_0102.jpg img_0103.jpg
It was complicated. Very complicated. We were a bunch of adults, many with technical degrees and experience. But it almost bested us. The Badmitton net was not to be triffled with. The manufacturers of the net are tricky bastards and left many extra pieces for us to ponder, making us second guess our erect net. The net seemed playable, but we were afriad it might collapse, maybe we had missed something.

img_0104.jpg img_0105.jpg img_0107.jpg img_0108.jpg img_0109.jpg img_0110.jpg
The grand competition.

img_0111.jpg img_0112.jpg
Bill B., being the good uncle and properly molesting his nephews.

img_0115.jpg img_0116.jpg img_0117.jpg img_0118.jpg img_0119.jpg img_0120.jpg
putt-putt and ice cream. yum.

img_0121.jpg img_0122.jpg img_0123.jpg img_0124.jpg
food, beer, and good company.