03 July 2000

Erin's 4th of July Extravaganza

Random, dark, and blurry pictures from Erin's.

tof00002.jpg tof00005.jpg
tof00006.jpg tof00007.jpg
tof00008.jpg tof00009.jpg
tof00010.jpg tof00011.jpg

The whole 4th of July experience was great. Erin talked about this party starting the 3rd or 4th week of school and now, almost a year later, all of her obsessing was justified. We spent all sorts of time partying in cheesy small town bars, chillin on the beach, drinking, eating, and drinking more. A lot more. Most certainly too much. The ironic thing about it all was that by the time the 4th actually rolled around many of us were too tired out that we trekked back to Ann Arbor to relax before returning to the real world, missing the Luddington fireworks.