25 June 2000

Trip To Madison: Manda and Ben's Wedding

The wedding was short and very sweet. Aside from the constant attacks from very ambitious mosquitos I had a was a nice time. The ceremony took all of ten minutes. I appreciate it when the officiate doesn't feel the need to lecture on marriage as if they knew more about it than the rest of the world.

Something I had not seen before at a wedding before: a pinata. Much fun for all. There were two and everyone that wanted a whack at the paper-mache had their swing. These two picture of Manda and Ben are my favorite of all the pictures I've taken.
tof00005.jpg tof00006.jpg

The pinatas were both over stuffed, making actually breaking them open somewhat of a chore. Eventually cracks were make and the candy poured forth.

a couple more pictures
tof00004.jpg tof00011.jpg